College Uniform

A uniform is important in instilling in students a sense of belonging, as well as a pride in themselves and their College. We maintain an extremely high standard of dress and ask that parents continue to support us in our efforts to ensure a continuance of these standards. We also ask that parents ensure that their children are always smart and tidy in appearance. In the unusual event of a student changing house a new tie must be purchased by the parent/carer. The College will only provide a new tie if that change has been dictated by the College. Please ensure that all uniform is clearly marked with your child's name.

Would parents please note that extremes of fashion or unusual hairstyles are not permitted. Shaven heads (below grade 2), tattoos and peculiarly placed jewellery or piercings, such as in the nose, tongue, eyebrow or lips, are also not acceptable. Make–up should not be worn in the Lower School (Years 7–9). Subtle use of make-up is acceptable for girls in Years 10 and 11. If parents are unsure about any item of uniform, please contact the College before you agree to your child's request.

If students are not in the correct uniform or attend college with hairstyles or body stylings that do not meet our expectations (as outlined within this section) then they may be taken out of their normal lessons to learn away from other students, or may be sent home until their appearance meets our expectations.

tick Plain black straight legged trousers or plain black knee length skirt: not jeans, cords, leggings, flares, hipsters or cropped trousers.

tick Plain white long sleeved shirt or blouse: with a stiff collar and a top button, to be worn tucked in to the trousers or skirt. Polo/casual shirts are not acceptable, (short sleeves may be worn in warmer weather).

tick The appropriate House tie: to be worn tight around the collar at all times.

tick Sir John Hunt Community Sports College jumper: black with embroidered logo (to be worn at all times unless directed otherwise by teaching staff).

tick Plain black shoes – low or no heel only: no striped soles or logos permitted. No extreme styles, open toe or open backs.

tick Plain black socks to be worn with trousers. Black/white ankle socks or plain black/flesh colour tights may be worn with a skirt.

cross Jewellery – None preferably, otherwise one plain signet ring. If ears are pierced only one plain stud per lobe is allowed (no more than 6mm). No other piercings are acceptable.

cross Coats, jackets, hoodies or other non-uniform tops should not be worn during lessons and during break and lunch time should only be worn over the College jumper.

cross Headphones are not part of the College uniform and should not be threaded through shirts, jumpers or ties.