What Our Parents and Students Say About Us

Comments from our Annual Parent Survey 2015/16

"My child enjoys school, and can't wait to come each day. They have developed such confidence by coming to such a nurturing environment."

"It’s a happy school with great teachers and a great environment for learning."

"The first thing you notice when you come into the College is the friendly attitude of the staff and the pupils. It is a well maintained, clean, fresh looking environment for the pupils. The staff are always willing to help in any matter that I have raised regards my child, no matter how small it may be. The support that is offered to the pupils, during the school day and afterwards is exceptional, whether it be to help with homework or an activity that is staff led. My child has become more confident since being at SJH and is doing well across the whole curriculum. We, as a family, are extremely pleased with SJH."

"The SEN provision and staff are very helpful and take time to understand my child and their needs. The communication with this team has been excellent and I feel my concerns are listened to, taken seriously and acted upon."

"After school activity and talent encouraged."

"The opportunities that are given to every child are fantastic."

"My son is very happy at the College."

"We had a few minor issues which were nipped in the bud really quickly due to communication between myself and the College."

"I would highly recommend this College."

"I like the size and the open policy about contacting the school."


Open Events 2015/16

"Excellent! Teachers and students are fab."

"Very impressed, looking forward to my son joining your family."

"Fantastic, fun and informative."

"Very impressed by everything. Our son was extremely in awe of everything and all the challenges."

"Great, wonderful school. Our tour guide was brilliant, thank you. "

"Gained a lot of information."

"Clean, tidy, organised in appearance. Son liked the tour and activities. Practical focus will suit son as he tends to learn quicker hands-on."

"Very Impressed."

"I thought the School was very modern and well equipped. Students were lovely."

"Fantastic, very helpful and positive."

"Excellent! Very busy but handled really well."


Summer School 2014

Students' Comments:

"I am having fun and enjoying it."

"I liked PE and IT because they are fun."

"I enjoyed playing cricket"

"I have enjoyed playing and making buns."

"It is a very enjoyable club to attend. I would do it again."

"Summer school is best and epic and funny."

"I think summer school has been epic and I look forward to starting school."

"I enjoyed summer school because I made new friends."

"I think that summer school is cool because we make new friends and make awesome stuff."

"I enjoyed music and playing on the iPads."

"My favourite thing in summer school was making robots."

"Sport was the best part of summer school."

"My favourite bit about summer school is sport and cooking."

"I have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends."

"I have enjoyed cooking."

"My favourite part of summer school was music and the sports."

"I love the sport and music."

"My favourite part of summer school was ICT and music. I would recommend it."

"The part I enjoyed most of summer school was cooking because it was fun and awesome."

"My favourite lesson in summer school was music because I could play something I never knew I could play."

"I loved music sooooo much. Thx Mr Cleverly."

"I love music and Mr Cleverly is so cool."

"My favourite time in summer school was when we did some science working as a team."

"My favourite time in summer school is when I've done music and science."

"My favourite part of summer school was music and cooking."

"My favourite time in summer school was when I did cooking, it was the best."


Parents' Comments

"My daughter has really enjoyed summer school.She has come home every day happy but tired."

"My son has really enjoyed spending time with new friends and trying new things but has come home extremely tired."

"My son has raved about how he has enjoyed his week at summer school. He can't wait for his 2nd week and to start in September."

"My son was the only pupil from his primary school coming to SJH. He has had a fantastic week making new friends and does not feel nervous about starting in September now which makes a happy mum."

"My daughter loved the first week of summer school and can't wait for the second week and is so looking forward to starting in Sept."

"My daughter has really enjoyed her first week and has already made some new friends.She can't wait for the second week and is more confident about starting SJH in September."

"My son has had a great week! He is looking forward to September"

"My son has had a lovely time. He has really enjoyed it."

"My daughter has really enjoyed this week and has made a lot of new friends. She is looking forward to coming in September."

"My daughter has really enjoyed her week. It has given her a lovely chance to meet some new friends."

"My son has had a great time this week. He's really enjoyed his time and can't wait to come here full time in September. Thank you for having him."

"My son has enjoyed this week, especially music which is a new interest. Thank you for the opportunity for him to have the chance to settle in prior to the new academic year."

"My son has really enjoyed summer school. It's great for him to meet all the other year 7s too. This is a fab idea."

"My son has had a brilliant time this week and to meet some new friends is amazing. Brilliant idea."

"My daughter had a fantastic time this week, making new friends as well. Brilliant. Thank you."

"The children had a fab week and both made many new friends. They are now looking forward to the residential trip. In their words, this week has been 'awesome'. Thank you to all the teachers for putting on such a special week."

"My son had a fantastic time and can't wait to come in September. Big thanks to the staff."

"My daughter had a wonderful time and is looking forward to the residential stay and starting in September."

"My daughter has had a great week. Can't wait to start in September. She has made some lovely friends and done some lovely cooking this week."

"My son has experienced a fantastic week of mixed activities. He has found his confidence around the teachers and gained new friends. This activity week has given him the courage and confidence to walk into school on the first day in Sept. Thank you!"


2014 Open Evening/Afternoon Parents Comments

"First impression – clean learning environment. Well presented. Students polite. Recall Ofsted inspection."

"Very good. Best Open evening."

"Very impressed with the cleanliness of the school. Staff and pupils were all very pleasent."

"Very good.Bright and colourful. Prefect was SUPER. Fantastic outdoor skills."

"Outstanding. Tour guides were friendly and helpful."

"First impression good – kids liked the activities. Teachers were good. Thank you"

"Very organised. Impressed with enthusiasm and professional. Student guide was very good."

"Very informative. Very eye-opening for those of us who don't know much about the school."

"Very informative. Excellent school facilities. Guides were excellent at showing us around."

"A brilliant and organised evening with great activities."

"Very impressed. The school seems lovely. The students are friendly and the activity trail was fun."

"Very impressed. Knowledgable teachers, full of information. Prefects are a credit to your school."

"Kind considerate staff. Fresh looking school."

"Fantastic. Very impressed."

"Daughter said it is good. Teachers are lovely and students helpful."

"Very impressed with what the school has to offer. Very friendly feel too."

"Thank you for a very pleasant evening. I already know the school through older children attending. Very comfortable and welcoming."

"Very impressed. Son is looking forward to starting next year."

"Evening was well organised.Very interesting and informative. We were made to feel very welcome."

"Very impressed. First impressions, thought the school looked very good."

"We were impressed with the Open Evening. The teachers were very informative and mixed very well with children and made them feel very welcome."

"Very impressed with all the activities and friendly attitude of everyone we met."

"Daughter really wants to come here."

"Very impressed with all the activities and friendly attitude of everyone we met."

"The school looks very clean – I like the fact that everything is all in one building."

"Absolutely fantastic, really enjoyable."

"Really good event. Very informative. Prefects who showed us around were fantastic, credit to the school."

"Very good – very interesting."

"Brilliant – very organised, great staff, students and activities."

"Well looked after by the 2 girls – really enjoyed it."

"The school was very nice. The tour prefect was very friendly and informative."


2013/14 Year 11 student comments

"I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me over the year's I've been at school; I wouldn't be anywhere near as motivated as I am without your help. I have a lot of respect towards you and I appreciate everything you have done to help me."

"To all learning mentors, I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to help me in my last year of school the support that I have receive is greatly appreciated, year 11 definitely had the best mentors."

"I can honestly say that I wouldn't have made it through the last year of school without your advice, cups of teas and tissues you've helped me through so much, thank you."

"Miss, I would just like to say thank you for being such an amazing tutor and always being there and I couldn't have asked for a better tutor! "

"Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for always keeping me motivated even if I was having a bad day and thank you for supporting me and giving me advice when things were tough. Thank you for believing in me."

"To the craziest teacher I know, I'm so happy that I took drama and that I was able to spend two years with you. I have had such an amazing time during your lessons. Miss you already."