Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Outdoor & Adventurous Activities Reach New Heights

The climbing club has now moved back to every Tuesday after school at the Plymouth Life Centre. This week was another fun week where the students started off in the bouldering cave and after a brief warm up they all challenged themselves to climb the hardest things they could fi nd. Some of the routes were the same as the previous week and the regulars attempted to master some of the climbs they couldn’t do previously. They then teamed up to take it in turns belaying each other and climbed to the top of the 16m wall, a very good effort. Climbing club continues every Tuesday 3:05 – 5:45pm, £5.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Bikeability continued this week with a group of Year 7’s all passing their Level 1. Next week they will move on to their Level 2 and look at cycling in and out of junctions on Lancaster Gardens. The Wednesday afternoon group will all hopefully complete their Level 2 this week and will be looking to do their Level 3 in Year 8. Next term, we will start ‘learn to ride’ classes where we will teach students who require more confidence to learn how to ride a bike.

This was the last week for this cohort of intervention teams. Team 4 finished off with a long trip to Foggintor Quarry where Mr Alcock set up a climb for the students to attempt. First up was Arron Kennedy who raced up the first part of the climb. When he began to struggle with the next phase, it was his team mates who encouraged and motivated him to be able to get passed the arguably hardest part of the climb. It was lovely to see them working extremely well as a team and being positive towards one another. Intervention Team 5 had the responsibility to find the perfect location for our tree swing. After much deliberation, the ‘perfect tree’ and location was found for the swing to be set up. They had brilliant fun and all four students had a go, some even swinging as far as 180 degrees. Well done all.

When the weather is dry, lunchtime games continues outside every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with competition hotting up in volleyball. We have had so many different students taking part in lunch time games and they are rewarded with a sticker inviting them in to our tepee for a free hot chocolate. When the weather is not so nice, come and join us in the performance hall where we will have a short video playing of extreme sports and athletes pushing themselves to their limits.

Well done everyone!

Mr Symons
PE Apprentice