Rocket Car Report - Week 3

Rocket Car Report – Week 3

In the last session the teams finalised their designs and prototypes ready to construct and shape their rocket cars after half term. The students have been perfecting their use of the vibro saw and fine sanding techniques to ensure they can produce the most aerodynamic shape and achieve the highest speeds. The positions of the tether loops that allow a wire to keep the car in a straight line whilst under rocket power were demonstrated. There was also a demonstration on how to assemble the wheels and axles to avoid the car veering off the line. The starting shape and minimum chassis size are shown in the photos, before the final shaping begins.

If you were unable to attend this week but would like to join in, come along to C001 on Thursdays from 3.05-4pm or speak to Mr Waite.

Rocket Car Report Week 3

Mr Waite & Mr Whitfield
ACL for Science & CL Art & Creative Technologies