Magical Maths With Ben Sparks

Magical Maths With Ben Sparks

Ben Sparks discussed 'Where numbers come from' with our whole Year 11 cohort. Students at all levels engaged and off ered ideas which Ben was happy to discuss. It was really good for the students to know that he didn’t know the answer but could give them some suggestions. His humour and bouncy attitude kept them all guessing ('nothing' was a particular challenge to some) and finishing with the Mandelbrot Set sent them off with their minds blown.

In the afternoon Year 10 were kept on their toes with 'Magical Maths', his showmanship drew all the students in and the algebra which explains the tricks was skilfully displayed. They are still discussing how he knew every word on every page of that huge book!

Magical Maths

The students feedback was unanimous, they would welcome him back again to 'make them think'. We need to thank the Royal Institution’s Maths Enrichment and Enhancement Grant Scheme which enabled this visit to take place.

What an inspiring day!

Mrs Gardiner
Leader for KS5 Maths