Great Progress for Outdoor Activities

Great Progress for Outdoor Activities

Students that excelled in their Bikeability level 2 last year have been undertaking their Level 3 this week. We have cycled on larger roads with small groups of two or three to each instructor, looking at the theory and watching traffic to see how it flows around roundabouts and junctions. The students really concentrated well and helped each other, offering encouragement whilst observing each other at the busier junctions. Two more groups of Level 2 Year 7 students start this Wednesday with their Level 1 on the MUGA.

Climbing Club was fun on Thursday at the Life Centre wall. The students started off in the bouldering cave and after a brief warm up they all attempted to climb the hardest things they could find. We had a competition to see who could climb the hardest wall, whilst staying on the longest. Jack and Joe getting top marks for swinging around on steep walls! They both then teamed up and managed to climb to the top of the 16m wall, a very good effort. Bethany and Logan got used to using the auto-belay, a scary thing to do as it automatically lowers you and you just have to let go and let it work! Thank you very much to Mr White who came along to help. Climbing club continues every Thursday 3:05 – 5:45pm, £5 a session.

Intervention team 4 set off to climb to the top of Sheeps Tor via a very rocky and steep section. Their encouragement and help for each other was un-prompted by staff, which was really great to see. On the cliff we had to rest at a ‘belay’ ledge and swap over ropes half way up (around 30ft off the ground). They listened well and followed instructions responsibly. Then the final section to the top was attempted which looked easier but proved to be much harder than the first section, with ice hiding in the moss making it really slippery. The views from the summit were fantastic but we couldn’t hang around very long as the temperature was minus four degrees centigrade! Intervention team 5 worked well together in the Whitleigh woods, enjoying the rope swing and excelled at the tactical game ‘Camouflage’. Both teams are looking forward to next week.

Don’t forget about lunchtime games every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This week we’ve been making the most of the sunny weather and playing volleyball on the MUGA. If you show commitment and play well you are then rewarded with a sticker for your planner which entitles you to free hot chocolates in the Tipi on the last week of term.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Mr Alcock
Outdoor Education and Adventurous Activities Instructor