Inspiring Football Statistics Lesson

Inspiring Football Statistics Lesson

On Wednesday 18th January Matt Neil from Plymouth Argyle took time out of his busy schedule as 1st Team Data Analyst to come and inspire all of the Year 9 students and the staff in the maths department with a talk describing the wide variety of ways in which statistics are used within football.

He spoke about how statistics can be used live in game play with people watching and logging each event as it happens, in order to feed back to the manager at half time or immediately after the match. He also described how video footage is used to enhance these statistics both for the team and manager as well as for the media. Players use the statistics to improve their gameplay. Managers also use statistics during the transfer window to decide which players they would like to try and recruit.

Some students’ comments when asked for feedback about one thing that stuck in their mind after the talk:

"He explained that it is not just kicking a ball around but there is greater depth in football and it can be used in different ways"

"That there is lots more to statistics than I ever thought there was"

"How it is useful in choosing players for the teams and how it helps the players improve"

"That football needs maths and statistics and that it is very important"

We had a fantastic morning learning about the variety of statistics that are used by analysts, the media, managers and team players across all levels of football.

Mrs Daykin
Maths Teacher