Girls Football Teams Represent College

Girls Football Teams Represent College

On Wednesday the 18th January the new programme of football at Goals kicked off. The event was at capacity with 10 teams taking part in the round robin event and Sir John Hunt entered two Year 7 all girls teams into the tournament. Upon arrival, we learnt that we were the only school to bring an all girls team which to the girls seemed a bit daunting at first however from a viewers perspective, highlights how girls football participation numbers are on the rise.

As well as the chance to be the overall winning team on the day, all of the students taking part received a certificate but there was also an opportunity for one person on every team to take home a very special medal; staff were given the unenviable job of selecting just one of their players on each team to receive a medal for displays of outstanding qualities such as team work, respect and determination.

We had nine games in total against St Boniface, Marine Academy Plymouth, Heles and Stoke Damerel. However our first game of the tournament was a game that would really motivate the girls, a match against each other! Sir John Hunt A and Sir John Hunt B was the first match, so it wasn’t long before the minibus chatter turned into competitive talk. It was a great game to watch with both teams wanting to come out on top. This game finished 2-0 to Sir John Hunt B but let’s not take anything away from Sir John Hunt A who were relentless right till the end.

Our two teams performed admirably against very tough opponents with Sir John Hunt A finishing seventh and Sir John Hunt B finishing fifth. It was a great afternoon all round and the girls were a credit to the College. The Goals event organiser made a point of coming over and specifically thanking both teams for their hard work and how great it was to have two girls only teams. Well done girls!

The next event is on Wednesday 29th March, I look forward to seeing you all then.

The teams were:

Sir John Hunt A – Halle, Holly, Tallulah, Sophie and Bella

Sir John Hunt B – Savanna, Alyssa, Beth, Jade, Izzy and Alisha

Mrs Skelton
CL for PE