Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Great Progress for Outdoor Activities

levels were high, so no-one ever complained about the cold. Level 3 students have been learning how to negotiate two lanes of traffic and the large roundabout on Tamerton Foliot road. It is impressive how they become more used to it and less nervous over just a double lesson. Well done to them.

Climbing Club on Thursday at the Life Centre climbing wall is going well. Students are getting used to starting off in the bouldering cave and warming up first to prevent injury. They then attempt to climb the hardest things they can find. The climbers love bouldering, especially it seems Jack and Jordan who are showing great commitment in attempting routes which they at first found very hard, then working at it until they succeed, even if it means coming back next week to try it. Climbing Club continues every Thursday 3:05 – 5:45pm.

Bike Maintenance Club have nearly finished their project bikes, having taken completely un-rideable bikes and up-cycled them through the maintenance project, with the aim of taking them home and riding them to school every day. The project was oversubscribed so we will try to set up another one next term, giving more people the chance to learn maintenance skills and give them confidence to look after their own bikes at home. It’s been great fun learning these skills and seeing the children progress to being able to fix punctures, brakes, gears and everything else! Towards the end of next term we will take the bikes out on the Plymbridge trails.

The new Intervention group had a successful first day in the woods, despite the awful weather with constant heavy rain. I particularly liked the fact that not one of them complained about this, they just got on with putting up a shelter for us to have hot chocloate in. They then plucked up the courage to do a zip line. They worked well together keeping each other safe before the moment where they zoomed off down the rope! Keep your eye out for some selfie video footage on the media servers.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Mr Alcock
Outdoor Education and Adventurous Activities Instructor