MP Visits Sixth Form Students

MP Visits Sixth Form Students

On the 9th December Sixth Form students visited the Houses of Parliament, but were unable to meet MP Johnny Mercer in London that day because he had his local surgery in Plymouth. However, he was really keen to come to SJH to find out what students had learnt on the visit and had a series of questions posed to him from the floor!

The questions were wide ranging:

"There is a range of road works occurring in Plymouth at the moment, what are the long term advantages of this traffic chaos?"

"What impact do you have on improving people’s lives?"

"How can we increase the number of young people actively involved in politics?"

Johnny talked through what a typical week was for him and the amount of travelling he does, what the best things are about his job and the worst!

Three things we found out about Johnny Mercer:

1) When he is working in London he lives on a house boat on the Thames.

2) He donated his pay rise to pay for the Christmas lights for the local community.

3) He is passionate about campaigning for mental health and supporting veterans.

What really surprised me was how honest, sincere and totally relaxed he was in answering any questions that students posed to him.

Mrs Bevan
Vice Principal