Senior Citizens Celebrate

Senior Citizens Celebrate

At the end of last term the performance hall was once again transformed into a Christmas wonderland for our annual senior citizens Christmas community celebrations. The evening was opened in spectacular style with our choir singing by candlelight under the Christmas tree with a range of stunning solos from Natalie Smith, Megan Smith and Chloe Niedelski.

Our Health and Social Care students then led the way with superb silver service as our guests tucked into a festive four course feast. As coff ee was served, Santa accompanied by a team of elves, made a surprise appearance. They merrily delivered the presents that were provided by our staff and then fl ew back to Lapland to continue their preparations for the big day. For the second year running Mr Saberton missed Santa as he left shortly before he arrived and then returned back into the room shortly after his departure, hopefully his luck will change next year!

Senior Citizens Celebrate

Silence then flooded the room as the bingo was announced. You could have heard a pin drop with the exception only of the congregational style response of the audience, as they chanted in unison to the calls from the bingo minister Jack Matthews. A "Legs eleven" and "Two little ducks" later and a devastating roar of "House!" shattered the silence by not one or two but three winners!

It was then the turn of our Sixth Form band to take the stage to perform a number of Christmas classics before the evening ended with a trio of traditional Christmas carols.

Senior Citizens Celebrate

The students who helped on the evening were:

Choir Performances

Tia Westcott
Millie Barlow
Isabelle Davison
Sophie Hembry
Jade Almond
Maddison Ruth
Halle Falconer
Isabel Stone
Megan Smith
Natalie Smith
Piper Walking
Phoebe Rush
Kelly Short
Chloe Niedelski


Sophie Gallacher
Jack Matthews


Jo Watson
Rebeckha Mackey
Naomi Glynn
Gemma Hembry
Courtney Shapcott
Jacob Blank
Josh Currey

Live Band

Liam Divito (Year 10)
Sam Rafton (Year 10)
Joshua Smith (Year 12)
Jazmine Lowe (Year 12)

I would like to thank all the staff and students who supported us on the evening and behind the scenes. The comments from the senior citizens are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff and students and highlight how important the evening is to our local community.

Mr Carpenter
Assistant Principal