Miss Campbell

Introducing Miss Campbell

My name is Charlotte Campbell and I have the responsibility of Pastoral Leader for Year 10 & 11. I have spent the previous 11 years working at a school in the Greater Manchester area – I am a Plymouth girl by birth and am delighted to be returning to my home town to begin a new and exciting chapter.

Year 10 & 11 are some of the most important years in the education of our students. It will also be for many one of the most stressful and yet rewarding years too. The outcome of Year 10 & 11 will shape the future of our young people and if successful allow them to pursue an education and career path of their choosing. For some their course of career direction is clear while others may be more focused on leaving their options open. Either way, they need to achieve as highly as possible to give them the best chance of success in the future. The involvement of the team around the child (parents, governors, colleagues) during this crucial year can make all the difference between success and failure.

Parents, I would like to thank you for your support so far in ensuring that students are smartly dressed for school and have all of the required school equipment. Excellent attendance is fundamental to making sure that our young people become successful learners and confident individuals who are giving themselves every chance to reach their full potential. Organisation will be the key to the success of the year. The workload will at times be high and prior planning and preparation will help spread the load. The final push towards summer exams soon arrives and passes with subjects focusing on revision and exam technique.

There are also many things to look forward to this year. A highlight for many will be the prom and I know Mrs McGowan is busy making preparations, whilst others will enjoy helping prepare the yearbook or leavers’ hoody.

I really do hope that the students within my care reach or exceed their targets and I am looking forward immensely to working with both Year 10 & 11 as well as the wider school team. In an assembly earlier this term I commented that it is a real privilege to be given the opportunity to work here at Sir John Hunt. I look forward to working with parents and students and helping our young people to realise their potential and the subsequent achievements that will occur.

Miss Campbell
Year 10 & 11 Pastoral Leader