Jason Beynon

Introducing Mr Beynon

It is with great excitement that I am writing to you as the new Pastoral Leader for both Year 8 and Year 9. Both Years are important years in the education of our students and form the building blocks leading the start and mid-way point of the examination years.

Teaching in a Plymouth school has been something I have aspired to do for some time. I have been teaching in Totnes for 9 years at King Edward VI Community College. I was fortunate to be a Head of Year there for a couple of years so certainly have the experience to be a Pastoral Leader at Sir John Hunt.

First and foremost I am a family man; I have a son and daughter and fully understand the pressures and joy that children can bring to you and importantly how precious our children are.

The stronger the outcome of Year 8 and 9 will shape the future of our young people and if successful allow them to pursue an education and career path of their choosing. My role is to help keep our students focused and will act in any way possible to ensure that the potential of our students is reached.

In Year 8 there is the up and coming option evening which is a pivotal decision making time for our students in selecting the courses they wish to study at GCSE level; myself and members of the pastoral team will be available as well as members of teaching staff to give advice and guidance at this critical time. Though in Year 9 the options have already been made and curriculums are already a term into the programme, the emphasis has to be on achieving the highest possible standards of effort and attainment.

Finally I would like to reiterate I am here to support your families and our students, so if you feel there is anything you need please contact me at the College.

Mr Beynon
Year 8 & 9 Pastoral Leader