Year 8 Maths Masterclass

Year 8 Maths Masterclass

On Thursday 24th November Jasmine Mulkerrin, Jacob Green, Charlie Buckeridge and Tom Swabey went to Plymouth University to participate in a maths master class titled, ‘Sequences and Patterns’.

To start the day off we were given two puzzles a cross number and a mathematical word trail, we were then asked to look for patterns in numbers, describing the patterns with words and then algebra. We then looked at a problem where you have to swap frogs from one side of a line of lily pads to another. The frogs are only allowed to slide across one lily pad or hop across another frog.

We looked at the maths behind this problem and developed this into an algebraic rule. In the afternoon we looked at patterns in numbers using expressions where U represented the units and T represented the tens. For example, 2U+T.

All four students came home buzzing with excitement and have said that the day was very enjoyable and fun.

Miss Daykin
(Maths Teacher)