Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Climbing Club

Climbing club this week introduced two newbies to the sport, Caprisha and Liam along with our climbing veterans that takes place at the life centre. We started with a fun warm up in the bouldering room before the new climbers were briefed on basic climbing rules. After this, the climbers are given a bit of independence and are free to climb anything in the bouldering room which has various difficulty levels. Jack and Jordan attempted some of the overhang climbs which is a real test of upper body strength. After this, they moved on the climbing wall with each taking in turns the responsibility of belaying their partner.

Lewis-Alexander, Italy, Liam and Caprisha all gave the feature wall a go where they used some really good techniques showing great bravery to reach the top. Well done all and don’t forget climbing club continues every Tuesday.


BikabilityIt was a busy week for bikeability this week with many students passing either their level 2 or 3. Monday was another round of level 3’s whom wouldn’t have done bikeability since year 7. We start with recapping junctions and other level 2 outcomes before we move on to their level 3. Their level 3 takes place on the roundabout outside Christian Mill which can get busy at times. This didn’t phase Jamie-Lee, Linda or Kelsie as they remained calm and composed throughout the busier periods.

Level 2 bikeability was passed this week by another 2 groups. Both groups fl ew through their level 1 and were eager to get on the roads to begin their level 2. At first they were taught road positions and U turns and eventually, moved on to cycling in and out of junctions whilst sharing the road with motor vehicles.

A big well done to everyone for fantastic concentration skills and we look forward to taking you for your level 3 in Year 8.

Miss Symons
(PE Apprentice)