Spotlight on Crime

Spotlight on Crime

On Wednesday 9 November, Year 9 students ‘Spotlight’ attended a crime event at the University of Marjon.

Wandering through the campus, three unexpected ‘crimes’ took place at the University of Marjon and it was the duty of our Year 9 Psychology and Sociology students to identify the causes and motives behind these crimes.

Some students started by discussing the potential reasons behind these crimes before being challenged about their use of stereotypes while others began writing and filming news reports about the crimes.

After a quick break, one group of students took on the role of youth parliament workers and generated policies that aim to reduce youth crime after studying causes of crime amongst young people in Britain while the other group learnt about the jobs of those who write crime stories and produce media for news broadcasters.

Students from all the schools present met back in the drama studio after a warm lunch to present their learning about crime from the day. Our students shared their policies that they created and their own news report video with several students playing the role of news presenters and journalists! A big congratulations to those who nervously stepped up and conquered a fear of presenting and being filmed!

Students enjoyed experiencing a day at university focusing on causes of crime, learning how to prevent crime and learning about some careers around preventing and reporting on crime. Some even broke through some anxiety barriers when presenting work to others. The higher education experience showed everyone what a day at university is like; lots of students even said the experience had opened their eyes to possibilities for future further education.

Spotlight on Crime

Mr Sharpe
(Psychology Teacher/Literacy Lead)