Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Rock climbing

Rock climbing club started this week with students learning how to use the bouldering cave safely and how to ‘belay’ each other on the roped sections. There is always a lot of information to take in when you are new to climbing such as how to tie knots, how to hold the rope so you will always be able to stop a fall, how to stop yourself getting hoisted into the air and even down to, where to stand and rest so that you’re out of the way!

Italy Sandercock and Lewis Ross excelled in just how quickly they managed to learn the belay techniques of loading and holding the ropes. Veteran Jordan Plumb introduced the newbies to the auto-belay and helped with spotting any problems, even tying figure of 8 knots correctly every time!

New names for next week will be announced via tutor groups, the notice boards and parent call. If your name is not down please see Mr Alcock or Miss Symons and we will ensure you get on a trip in the near future.


This week bikeability has seen two groups complete their level 2 certificates, one group completed level 3 and two new groups began their level 1. The weather has deteriorated but the student’s focus has been excellent out on the roads. It is always a pleasure to see just how well students listen and perform when taken into the ‘real’ world outside of school. They have been uniformly a credit to the school in their behaviour and application.

Preparations for the first Year 7 bike to school week begins next week, when tutor groups will conduct surveys to find out how many travel to school in a ‘sustainable’ way, i.e. non-polluting ways such as walking, cycling or scooting/skating. Through Bikeability training to increase confi dence and skills; Bike Maintenance club to increase skills; knowledge and the number of children with access to a bike and Bike To School week, our aim is to reduce the number of cars on the roads in peak times around Whitleigh and Southway, so increasing road safety and air quality.

If you are a Year 7 student please take advantage of these opportunities, who knows you may even be a prize winner! Bike Maintenance club continues every Wednesday after school 3:05pm to 4:30pm.

Mr Alcock
(Outdoor Education & Adventure Activities Instructor)