The Chemistry of Fireworks

The Chemistry of Fireworks

Friday 4th November saw the science department host their annual ‘Chemistry of Fireworks’ event.

The evening started with members of the community taking part in some hands on practicals to learn about the science behind fireworks, such as using a chemical reaction to fire a test tube bung rocket. They also made a neutralization rainbow using acids and alkalis and experimented with metal salts to recreate the colours produced in a firework display.

In addition to the hands on practicals, were a range of explosive demonstrations based on the chemistry of fireworks. This began with a demonstration of how not to put out an oil fire with water, how to make magic fire and how to make a jelly baby scream!

Further demonstrations showed how a rocket works to lift a firework into the air and an explosive, cannon fire finale.

Refreshments were provided while the final preparations were made for the fireworks display, which provided a spectacular end to the evening.

A massive thank you to Interserve for their assistance ensuring everything ran safely and to everyone who attended and supported the event by offering their time and help. We look forward to making next year’s event even better!

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Mr Waite
(CL for ICT and KS3 Science)