Young Chef of the Year 2017

Young Chef of the Year 2017

On Tuesday March 28th City College Plymouth held this years hunt for the prestigious Young Chef of the Year award. Several local Plymouth schools competed against each other. Their brief 'Provide a well balanced and healthy three course meal for two athletes (Plymouth Raiders Basket Ball Team) in two hours'. The young chefs had three main ingredients to build their meals around. The starter had to incorporate Dover sole, the main course had to use lamb fi llet and dessert was all about the banana. With these three ingredients our young chefs (Sophia, Ellie and Jack) incorporated freshly prepared seasonal fruit and vegetables home baked bread and tasty sauces. They used a variety of classic and contemporary cooking methods, which they had practiced at College.

Our young chefs chose the following dishes for their menu:

Starter: Dover sole goujons served with homemade tartar sauce and freshly baked brown bread.

Main Course: Herb encrusted lamb fillet accompanied by dauphinoise potatoes, asparagus tips, pea puree and a lamb jus reduction.

Dessert: Meringue and banana bavarois served with fresh cherries and a black cherry coulis.

Young Chef competition menu

The different cooking techniques and methods not only brought out the best flavours of the produce, but made the dishes look and taste fantastic. The students excellent cooking ability and knowledge was on full display for the judges of the competition from Plymouth Raiders’ Rhys Carter and Nathan Schall.

After only completing one practice run of their dishes, our chefs took the competition in their stride and with the firm belief in their skill set and menu choice they quickly showed the rest of the competition that they were in it to win it. Unfortunately the competition was at an extremely high standard this year and our students were nipped at the post by five-time champions Devonport High School for Girls. The overall winning dishes were Dover sole goujons with a Thai dipping sauce, lamb tagine with apricots, butternut squash and served with couscous and for dessert banana custard profiteroles with creamy coconut caramel sauce.

We are now looking forward to next year with a new batch of up and coming chefs to represent Sir John Hunt and who knows 2018 could be our year!

Ellie made the Dover sole starter.
Jack made the lamb main course.
Sophia made the banana bavarois dessert.

Mr Teft
Catering Technician