WWI Battlefields Competition Launched

WWI Battlefields Competition Launched

As part of the First World War Centenary we have funding for two of our students from our Year 9 GCSE group to attend the battlefields of Ypres and the Somme. In order to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic opportunity students have been tasked with:

Researching and presenting a colourful display describing and explaining the ways in which people were ill, injured or died during World War I. Their piece of work should include:

1. Injuries caused by new advanced weapons e.g. rifles, machine guns, artillery, including shrapnel wounds.

2. Gas attacks (types of gas and their effects).

3. Illnesses experienced in the trenches like trench fever, trench foot, dysentery, NYDN Infection.

Entries close on the 2nd May and will be scored on:
1. The factual content of the research (descriptions) - out of 10.

2. The explanation stating how, why these forms of illness or deaths arose - out of 10.

3. Presentation skills - is the display clear, can it be displayed? - out of 10.

A team of humanities staff will act as judges along with an independent history adjudicator from another school. In the event of a tie, entries will be placed and drawn out of a hat. Winners will be announced by the 26th May and further information will be sent home.

It is anticipated, if the experience is a success, to offer the opportunity for more students as a paid opportunity in future years.

Mr Carpenter
Assistant Principal