Visit to DWP

Students Visit DWP HQ In London

Former student Neil Johnson has been working with three Sixth Form students supporting them in their journey beyond Sixth Form and into the world of work. Courtney McMullan Clark and Scott Cooper were invited to the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) Headquarters in London where they were able to learn more about career opportunities within the Civil Service as well as careers in Law. The morning started with an introduction to the HR team who deal with all of the recruitment and the process to get in to Civil Service. This was swiftly followed by taking part in a Divisional Quarterly Meeting with the EU and International Affairs team. Lunch was a swift affair followed by a mentoring session with Neil (Deputy Head of Corporate Affairs) who had just met with the Secretary of State.

Both students are particularly interested in a career within Law so they valued their time with the DWP Lawyers who openly answered all of their questions about their career journey and the role that they are in now. The day finished with a meeting with the TUC regarding policies to be put through parliament.

As a result of the day the two students now have a much clearer understanding of the roles that they want to pursue along with the course to take at university.

The journey home on the train was a good time to reflect and discuss what they had achieved throughout the day and then after our 4:30am start we were able to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Miss Newberry
Career, Event and Marketing Coordinator