Final Oakwood Primary School Session

Final Oakwood Primary School Session

Throughout last term Year 5 children from Oakwood Primary School came in for one afternoon a week to take part in different sessions, these included: art, textiles, ICT and science. The children were such a pleasure to teach and were so excited each week to come up and take part in a variety of activities in each department.

The Children had the chance to work both on their own and to collaborate with each other, they really enjoyed having the chance to work with their friends. They all produced work along a natural form theme and learnt new skills in each subject they took part in, investigating leaf litter, finding amazing bugs, creating collages, using inks and wax. This was a fantastic experience for the children to come and see what school is like at Sir John Hunt and take part in things they wouldn’t be able to in their own school.

During the last week of term we invited the parents of the Year 5 children up to see all of the work they had been doing over the 6 weeks. Kiera and Mia gave a speech they had written about the work they had been doing and were very keen to show their parents around and tell them all about each area they had been working in.

Some of the parents said:

"Kiera has enjoyed coming up to Sir John Hunt for the last 6 weeks."

"Megan has had a great experience at Sir John Hunt."

"Macey has enjoyed the six weeks at Sir John Hunt and has come home each Wednesday full of talk about what she done in the science sessions."

"Rebekah has enjoyed the time at Sir John Hunt and each week has told us at home what activity she has done."

"Ellie enjoyed the two weeks at Sir John Hunt and found the activities fun."

"Mia really enjoyed looking for bugs in the leaf matter. It was fun creating her own game on Scratch in the ICT activity. I loved the bright wax leaf paintings - great fun."

The children said they had had a ‘wonderful 6 weeks’ and I look forward to working with them again.

Miss Wilkes
ACL for Art & Creative Technologies