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Outdoor & Adventurous Activities

The intervention teams have been out on the moor exploring both very high places and very cramped places! In one trip to Sheepstor they completed a roped scramble up a windy and exposed ridge and a squeeze into a cave (The Pixies House). This tested their resilience and bravery in very different ways. The students enjoyed ‘Letterboxing’ where they find notes or artwork hidden in plastic boxes by other people, becoming very perceptive in locating these hidden messages amongst the rocks. The next session had the students zooming along the Plymbridge to Yelverton bike track, trying to get as far as possible in the time. We managed to reach the long tunnel, which is very exciting as it is curved, so for a short while you can’t see the end! The students were very responsible on the trail, giving way to other users and keeping each other together. Look out for the video on the media servers. Over the last term both groups have improved their teamwork and behaviour and each person has pushed themselves in the challenges offered.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Rock climbing club has seen the regulars pushing themselves in the bouldering cave, trying really steep and difficult moves. It is very encouraging to see how well they execute moves now, having learned the necessary techniques of steep climbing such as heel hooking, flagging and figure of four. They are also self sufficient with their ropework now, which means they have greater confidence when attempting the bigger walls. Climbing club continues outdoors (free) every Tuesday 3:05pm - 6:30pm or if it’s raining then indoors 3:05pm - 5:45pm (£5 if indoors).


The Outdoor and Adventurous Activities club begins on Wednesday 26th April with a zip line, campfire and hot chocolate extravaganza in the Whitleigh woods! If you haven’t taken a consent letter home yet then you can get one from your tutor, student services or directly from the OAA office by the library.

Mr Alcock
Outdoor Education & Adventure Activities Instructor