Students Take Part in BBC News Report

Students Take Part in BBC News Report

On March 16th, some of our students were lucky enough to get a taste of what it’s like to be a news reporter when they took part in the BBC News School Report. In preparation, the students were delighted to have a live video link to James Dundon from Heart Radio Cornwall’s 'Drivetime' show. James gave them a 'virtual' tour around his studio and gave them hints, tips and told funny anecdotes about his life as a presenter. He then made time to answer questions from the students such as 'How to cope with a deadline' and 'What to do if you make a mistake during your broadcast'. The students researched local stories, along with news from around the world using newspapers and the internet. They then wrote their own reports and spent time practising them before going into the studio to record them. We had reports on everything from The Grammies to why Plymouth is the coolest place to live, Donald Trump’s dislike of Snoop Dog and car-jacking in Australia!

'Virtual' studio tour

A special mention has to go to Megan Smith and Natalie Smith who both, inspired by a news report on mental health and bullying, wrote an inspiring song in response and recorded it live in the studio the very same day! Whilst we all had lots of fun, we can’t ignore the amazing cross-curricular learning opportunities it provided our students with. They all practised and developed their skills in reading and comprehension, research techniques, literacy, oracy, discipline and teamwork, among many others. At times it was creatively chaotic, with Ms Wishart helping students rehearse in one room, Mr Fitzwater editing students’ written reports in another. In the studio, Mr Cleverly and Mr Bray worked tirelessly to get it all done before the deadline.

BBC school report 2017

Thank you to Mr Waite, Miss Daykin and Mr Sharpe for popping in and giving us interviews, but of course out of everybody, we couldn’t have done it without our students, all of whom, worked really hard and their behaviour was exemplary.

To listen to our news report, visit the Sir John Hunt webpage.

Ms Wishart
English Teacher