Outdoor & Adventurous Activities

Outdoor & Adventurous Activities

This week the climbing club saw the students attempt a particularly difficult route in the bouldering cave. This involved reaching a position then hanging by your arms from the edge, heel-hooking with the right foot in order to haul yourself up for a long reach to a big hold! To begin with nobody managed even the first moves, but by the end (and with some effort) everyone made the hardest moves, it was fun to watch. The students are learning that perserverance is rewarded and hopefully they will have a good go at it next week too. If you’d like to come along to climbing club then take a letter from the folders outside the OAA office (by the Library) and come along on Tuesdays 3:05pm - 5:45pm, it costs £5.

Intervention groups have been rock climbing at the Dewerstone. The rock was still wet from the showers we’ve been having but the boys gave it a good try anyway. We looked at how the things you say can have a positive or a negative effect on your performance: so seeing the cliff and saying things like "Oh my God, it’s way too high!" sets you up for a failure. Whereas saying something like "Wow, look how exciting this is" even if you’re actually scared, will improve your chances. The boys reached high points and came down because they were scared, but then went back up again showing great bravery to reach and pass their previous high points. It was a good and inspiring performance.

Year 9 Step-up also visited The Dewerstone for a rock climbing and abseiling session. Everyone had a go at rock climbing, they did well and encouraged each other. Even Mr Smart made it to the top! Most had a go at the big abseil, where you start up above the trees. After a few people backed off from the edge, Owen Gill had a go and showed everyone how it’s done. Then Kurtis and Wesley succeeded in talking themselves over the edge and down the rope to the bottom, a very scary thing to do, so well done to them!

Don’t forget about lunchtime games every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This week we’ve been making the most of the clear weather and playing volleyball on the MUGA. If you show commitment and play well then you are rewarded with a sticker for your planner which entitles you to free hot chocolates in the tipi on the last week of term.

Mr Alcock
Outdoor Education & Adventure Activities Instructor