Authors Day Visit From Tim Bowler

Authors Day Visit From Tim Bowler

On Tuesday 7th March, award-winning author and the ‘master of the psychological thriller’ Tim Bowler visited KS3 for a deeply personal, inspirational and motivational talk about the joys of reading and writing. Tim opened up about his love of writing from a young age and encouraged all of our keen writers to push forward and to never give up.

The talks were equally entertaining and engaging. Tim read the fi rst chapter from the ‘Blade’ series (Year 8) and ‘Nightrunner’ (Year 7), the entire audience, including the staff, became captured in his storytelling, desperate to find out more!

At lunch, students fi lled the library to meet Tim, ask questions and buy discounted copies of his books. He happily signed and met each and every student whether they had purchased a book or not. Book sales will continue for the remainder of the week and into next week, but they won’t last for long! Don’t miss out on a great deal! (We temporarily sold out of the books that he read to the students suggesting the desire for the books is extremely high!)

Authors Day Visit From Tim Bowler

In Tim’s words, the behaviour of KS3 was ‘flawless’ on the day. Each and every student was a credit to the College and made him feel extremely welcome. He can’t wait to be invited back!

All in all, a truly inspirational day. Keep reading and writing, everyone!

Mr Sharpe
ACL for English