Rocket Car Report - Week 4

Rocket Car Report - Week 4

After several weeks of planning, testing, practicing their sanding techniques and honing their skills, the students began shaping their rocket cars. A range of cutting and sanding tools were on off er to help students get the exact rocket shape they have planned with the aim of getting the fastest time. Accuracy was essential when preparing the templates for cutting to ensure the cars meet the minimum requirements for the race.

With only two more sessions before race day, teams have started to put in extra time to make sure their cars are completed and tested ready for the final event. If you were unable to attend this week but would like to join in, come along to C001 on Thursdays from 3.05-4pm or speak to Mr Waite.

Rocket Car Construction

Mr Waite & Mr Whitfield
ACL for Science & CL Art & Creative Technologies