Ambassadors meet Rio gold medallist”

Ambassadors Meet Rio Gold Medallist

On Wednesday 12th October, Mrs Skelton took Zach Tiddy and Ben Barrowdale to the Life Centre to take part in the 'Silver Ambassador' training.

As part of the day they took part in the following workshops:

Workshop One

Team Building: Students were asked to lead and partake in some problem solving and team building challenges.

Workshop Two

How to Deliver Bronze Ambassador Training: Students were given the Bronze Ambassador resources and were instructed on how to deliver the Bronze Ambassador Training by Platinum and Gold Young Ambassadors.

Workshop Three

Delivery of the Bronze Ambassador Award: Delivering the Bronze Ambassador Award to groups of Year 5/6 primary school students. Zach said:

"I think it was very enjoyable as we were treated like adults and were clearly told what to do so then did it. Also I was happy to be able to teach the younger children how to achieve and deliver the bronze ambassador award."

Ben said:

"I think it was a great experience to help the young bronze ambassadors. Also the gold and platinum ambassadors treated us as young adults. Overall it was a fun day out."

During the day, the boys were able to meet Rio Gold medal winner, Hockey player Giselle Ansley! We are very proud of how both the boys conducted themselves and they have now got the tools to bring more leadership to Sir John Hunt.

Mrs Skelton
(CL for PE)