Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Gorge Walking

This week was the final water based activity as the cold weather creeps in and what better way to finish off than a gorge walk up Plym river.

With some very excited Year 7’s some of whom this would be their very first outdoor activity, got straight in to the river and didn’t even flinch at the water temperature. As we scrambled our way up, we came across some tricky obstacles in which we had to crawl between two rocks as the water came splashing down.

Everyone gave it a go showing immense bravery. They managed to reach the top of the river where they used a rock as a slide, to slide into a pool of water!

Well done everyone and don’t forget climbing club at the life centre starts after half term.

Mr Alcock
(Outdoor Education & Adventure Activities Instructor)