The first group of intrepid Year 7’s went coasteering on Wednseday evening at Bovisand. The tide was as far out as the staff had ever seen, with a lovely 1ft wave running and very little wind. The exposed rocks allowed us to walk and scramble out to a small promontory which provided some great little jumps into the sea. We then swam back in through the choppy waters, using the rocks to help pull us along. The team were great and helped each other out, even though they didn’t yet know each other.

This little trip out has sparked some new friendships, as well as being great fun.

The list of who is going on the Lake Jump next week (Wednesday 28th) is at the bottom of the central stairs and also on a list that all Year 7 tutors have.

Mr Alcock
(Outdoor Education & Adventure Activities Instructor)