Operating Theatre Live

Operating Theatre Live

Year 13 students from across the PLE partnership are studying Science courses that allow progression to careers such as those in the medical professions. To support their learning and careers progression our Level 3 Science students attended a practical surgery course delivered by ‘Operating Theatre Live.’

During the all-day workshops students had to complete the following tasks:

Workshop 1 – Prepare exact doses of Propofol to administer to their patients. This controlled drug is used as a general anaesthetic for surgical procedures. Students had to calculate and measure exact masses of dry chemical to add to exact volumes of water to obtain known concentrations of the drug. From this they then had to precisely measure out the required dose for their patient; an error of 1 milligram could be fatal! Excellent teamwork and discussions led to each group preparing safe concentrations of the drug to be administered to their patient.

Workshop 2 – Neurosurgery. In this session students located and removed a brain! With a consistency of jelly the brain is very delicate and requires a very steady hand to ensure no damage occurs to it during the procedure. Once they had successfully removed the organ the students moved on to the eye. This is held in place by a series of strong muscles, these and the large optic nerve needed locating and severing in order to remove the eye.

Workshop 3 – Cardiovascular surgery. In this session students performed a heart transplant. The major blood vessels leading to and from the heart were located and cut, a section of the heart (the right atrium) was left in place to preserve a complex network of blood vessels and nerves and the heart removed. Placing the heart into transplant bags allowed them to be transported ready for transplant into another body. Students them grafted the new transplant hearts into their patients. Again, some amazing teamwork led to successful transplants.

Operating Theatre Live

Workshop 4 – Gastrointestinal surgery. Our patients had not had the best of days! Having had their brains removed, eyes dissected and their hearts transplanted, we then found that their lower bowel was obstructed. Our trusty soon to be doctors and surgeons located the obstructions ready for future removal and treatment.

Workshop 5 – As if their day was not busy enough our patients were also found to be in need of a lower leg amputation. In this workshop our students planned how to remove the lower leg whilst leaving enough material to close the wound and have a drain fitted to deal with the body’s inflammationresponse to the procedure. Excellent use of scalpels, bone saws and sutures saw the limbs swiftly removed and patched up.

In addition to the practical sessions much advice for UCAS applications and interviews was shared by the amazing team from ‘Operating Theatre Live’ their knowledge and delivery left students buzzing with excitement.

Through the entire day students demonstrated communication skills and teamwork that was nothing short of outstanding. Be nice to them when you see them; they have the knowledge skills and experience now of removing lots of vital body parts!

Operating Theatre Live

Mr Lavis
(Science Teacher)