Foods of the World

Enrichment Week – Food Around the World

The fifteen food-obsessed students who selected Foods Around the World for Enrichment Week had a marvellous culinary experience; we visited the Fruit Farm, Friary Mills Bakery, Pan Asia restaurant and a working dairy farm! Foods we made included pavlova (looks like a cloud – tastes like heaven), a Mexican banquet (Quesadillas ‘R’ Us), and traditional Cornish pasties (hand-crimped for your enjoyment). Highlights included hand-milking cows (squeeze harder!), the piñata which didn’t even stand up to one blow (don’t anger Tilly Wilson) and learning how to carve an apple into a swan (nobody ended up needing stitches). To summarise food is delicious! Bon appetit!

Food of the World

Food Around the World

Miss Hoatson
(English Teacher)