PPE Exams

PPE Week

As you know, all students in Year 10 through to Year 14 sat internal examinations last week.

Traditionally these exams have been referred to as ‘mocks.’ However the word ‘mock’ does not accurately reflect the importance of these exams. It suggests that they are ‘pretend’ or ‘just for practice.’ The reality is that these exams, as well as providing excellent preparation for public examinations, can also give students and teachers some really valuable information about current levels of performance, strengths and those areas that still need developing in order for students to fulfil their potential. For these reasons, these exams are now referred to as Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs).

This year PPEs were arranged over one week and we used 35 rooms, 2136 papers, 154 separate exam sittings and 15 staff were involved in either invigilation and/or access arrangements and a total of 276 students were timetabled to take PPEs.

Results are now being collated in preparation for PPE results days and students will be able to collect a candidate statement of results in the same way as they would when they take their GCSE/GCEs.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the January 2016 PPEs a success.

Mrs Emond
(Exams Officer)