Christmas Video Game

Christmas Video Games Without the Surprises

Dear Santa, can I have Rise of the Tomb Raider for Christmas please...

If you’re a parent, chances are your children will have at least one video game on their christmas wish list this year. Unless you’re a gamer yourself, how do you know which titles are appropriate for their age group and personality?

Andy Robertson, editor of FamilyGamerTV explained the PEGI ratings system. We looked at the content of some of the games your children will ask for, to help you make an informed decision.

Video games bring a lot of benefits with them. Alongside entertainment and enjoyment they enable players to visit other worlds, create ambitious constructions, discover new sports and hobbies and interact with people all over the world.

However, distinguishing what different games present in terms of benefits or dangers in the family can be a challenge. Unlike films and books, you can’t quickly skim through to assess what your children will be experiencing.

The PEGI ratings are the mandatory way all UK video games helpfully disclose this information for consumers. Each publisher completes a questionnaire and submits game footage to the Games Rating Authority about its game, which then determines the age rating it gets.

The PEGI ratings offer a traffic light system of age ratings. Games suitable for over 3s and over 7s are flagged with a green age icon on the box. Games only suitable for those over 12 or 16 are flagged with an orange age icon and games only suitable for the over 18’s have a red age badge.

On the back of the box are another set of icons which depict why the game got a certain age rating. This may be for language, violence, drugs, fear or other reasons. Further information is then available on the PEGI website and Games Rating Authority website.