Malala Cinema Trip

Malala Cinema Trip

On Wednesday 4th November Mrs Frude and myself took a group of Year 8 MAT students to view the premiere of ‘He Named Me Malala’. This was screened at the same time in cinemas across the country and was offered to students to attend for free.

Malala is a girl who grew up in Pakistan in an area that became controlled by the Taliban. The Taliban decided that girls did not need an education, closing school for girls and banning girls from receiving an education. Malala refused to stick to this ban and spoke out against the regime, as a result she was targeted and shot by the Taliban. The film was a documentary which gave background to what happened to Malala and why it happened, it was both moving and inspiring.

Our students were incredible, by far the best behaved there, they were engaged and inspired by what they saw. They were left with many ideas to help them design a lesson which they will teach to their peers.

Two students have written about the film and the impact it has had on them:

"We watched a film about Malala and it was amazing as Malala is only a teenager and already she has stood up for her country against the Taliban. They unfortunately shot her in the left side of her forehead but she fought for her life and is now alive and well, making statements, giving moving speeches and she has won the Nobel Peace Prize".

"This movie made me appreciate my education more. Now I try my hardest at all times and I’m thankful for everything".

(Bethany Willcocks and Jasmine Neale)

Ms Gent
(Philosophy and Ethics Teacher)