Children in Need

Children in Need

Children in Need: Total collected


SJH's Got Talent

Sir John Hunt’s Got Talent

As well as the College being packed with famous movie stars and heroes we were also graced with an abundance of pop stars at our Sir John Hunt’s Got Talent Show.

An array of talented students across all year groups stepped up to the microphone and performed live on stage to a packed audience within the performance hall. There was a great atmosphere and everyone was truly supportive of one another.

The event raised £44.30



cooking up a treat

Cooking up a Treat

Year 11s were cooking up a treat for Children In Need when they swapped their pens for aprons and became chefs serving up hot dogs. The small team of students decided that the best way to reach people’s hearts was indeed through their stomachs. So they produced tasty hot dogs for just 50p. In total they raised £35.60 for the charity.



Bake Off

Bake Off

SJH also staged its very own bake off last week with offerings that even Mary Berry would be proud of! Staff very kindly donated home made cakes that were available to buy at break and lunchtime. One Pudsey cake which was created by Mrs Emond was raffled off, raising a total of £78 and was won by Mrs Derby. With the raffle and the cake sale the bake off raised a total of £90.43



Tuck Shop

Tuck Shop

Students from a variety of tutor groups joined forces last week to run a tuck shop at break and lunchtime, selling cakes and buns that they had kindly made. The tuck shop was a sell out and by the end of lunch time there was not a cake crumb in sight! Each tutor group did well raising a grand total of £137.97 made of from contribution from the following tutor groups: 7 Destivelle, 7 Stephens and 9 Lowe.



Guess the Sweets in a Jar

Guess the Sweets in a Jar

Most of us have a sweet tooth but imagine if you were fortunate enough to win a whole jar of sweets that would last you a month? Mr Cota and a team of students ran a “Guess the Sweets in a Jar” competition where through the powers of observation you had to guess the number of sweets crammed into one giant jar. Each guess was 20p and they raised £23.75 with the prize going to Miss Wilkes and Miss Ball.



Sixth Form fundraising for Children in Need 2015

Last week the Sixth Form staff and students managed to raise an excellent £227 for Children in Need. Students participated in a variety of fundraising activities such as a raffle, a bric-a-brac sale, a cake stall, leg waxes, a sponsored silence and an auction of pledges.

The raffle was organised by Mrs Gardiner. Her tutor group was a huge success where tickets were sold at 50p. Prizes included a top prize of £5 which was won by Kiara Millard, plenty of chocolate, a pair of fluffy socks and a bogey prize of having to do the Sixth Form dishes which was won by poor Mr Salter. The bric-a-brac sale saw students sell some of their own items with books being a popular purchase. Miss Warner helped her tutees to run a cake stall that offered delicious homemade baked cakes and doughnuts for sale.

Sponsored SIlenceThe most popular activity was the leg waxing where students could pay £1 to wax a strip of hair off a person’s leg of choice (consent was given!). Mr Dunkerley reluctantly had his leg waxed when students raised £20 for the fund pot. I thought I had escaped ‘un-waxed’ until Mr Dunkerley kindly reminded the students at break time. Subsequently £5 was all it took for me to have hair ripped from my lower leg!

A special mention must go to Devon (pictured) who raised a staggering £120 for her sponsored silence. She managed to go the whole day without saying a word.

The fundraising came to a close when students pledged certain offers in an auction. Mr Carpenter was very happy with his auction win of having a McDonald’s meal bought for him by Kiara Millard. Other pledges consisted of going to Whitleigh Green to purchase lunch for someone, being someone’s dish washer for the week and making cups of tea for the auction winner.

We would like to thank all of our Sixth Form students for their efforts and generosity in another successful fundraising campaign.

Mr Fort
(Assistant Head of Sixth Form)