Students get insight into higher education

Students Get Insight into Higher Education

Staff and ambassadors from DCON (Devon Collaborative Outreach Network) came in this week to hold a raising aspirations assembly to Year 7 and 8 students. The assembly focussed not just on higher education but on encouraging students to overcome their challenges and work hard towards reaching their goals. The presentation also showed a variety of famous people who had overcome personal challenges including poverty, dyslexia and health issues to achieve success.

Invited to talk was guest speaker and graduate of Plymouth University, Jack Gill, who spoke about how he and two others met at university while studying computer games and development. As a result of studying together and sharing a common interest, they went on to form a business partnership through the Formation Zone. This helped to highlight that whilst in higher education, friendships, partnerships and opportunities can arise and there is support out there for people who wish to pursue their business ideas.

Mrs Slater
(Careers, Events and Marketing Coordinator)