Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke Of Edinburgh Silver Assessment expedition:

On a fantastic weekend the four Silver Award participants crossed Dartmoor from South to North, starting near Roborough and making their way across the moor over 3 days and 2 nights to Lydford Castle. The Assessor met them at the start and at their first camp near Nun’s Cross Farm. Plymouth University staff and students were camping nearby and the assessor commented on how disorganised they seemed to be compared to our boys! In fact after the assessment he said that our team was "The best I’ve seen this year and one of the best for a long time"! High praise indeed from one of Dartmoor network’s most experienced assessors. Congratulations to Kyle Badock, Samuel Bruce, Kieran Daly and Mark Richards. They are now very close to becoming the first Silver DofE Award holders from Sir John Hunt.

Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Practice expedition:

Over the first half of the holidays the Gold Award students from Sixth Form spent 4 days across the moor. They started in misty weather in Ivybridge and navigated their way, with only one slight hiccup, to a beautiful camp by a river. Two more days saw them finish by Lydford - tired but well satisfied. It was a phenomenal effort from all the team (Danny Wynter, Joanne Watson, Shannon Atkinson and Logan Dicken). They had to learn all the navigation required and deal with the weather whilst carrying all of their equipment. I’m sure they will deal well with any challenges on their assessment in April.

Mr Alcock
(Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Instructor)