Sailing Club

Sailing Season Sadly Comes to an End

Sailing club has now come to an end due to the light drawing in and getting colder. Students have come on leaps and bounds throughout the summer season this year. They have become confident little sailors and have managed to sail a Funboat on their own. Kane Garside and Alana McNabb have been noticed especially and have now moved on to sailing the next boat up - the Uno. We have had a few capsize this season but they have learnt that it’s all part of the fun of sailing. Through all weather conditions, each student has been attending which shows resilience and they are eager not to miss one session just because of the rain! We have had a handful of new Year 7s that have joined the sailing club and have really enjoyed it so far.
"At first I was a bit nervous because it was on the sea but now I love it. It’s amazing and fun!" (Alana McNabb – Year 8)

Sailing club will return in April 2016 when the evenings become lighter.

Interested in joining the sailing club for the spring/summer season? then keep your eyes peeled for details!

Miss Richards
(Maths HLTA)