Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp

The trip was blessed with good weather, which combined with an idyllic venue, made the perfect ingredients for a wonderful first camping experience.

Leaving after school on Friday the students and staff were dropped short of the camp site, divided into four groups and given the task of following a trail laid out with flour through an extensive private woodland. At camp all students watched a demonstration on how to set up a tent, then organised chaos ensued as students (many of them for the first time ever) tried to replicate this feat. After some corrections the site eventually looked and felt like it was full of camping veterans. Mrs Slater and Mrs Roberts then served a feast of chilli and cheese potatoes.

The evening involved a range of team building skills and was finished by roasting marshmallows by the fire while our Sixth Form volunteers, especially Danny Wynter and Shannon Atkinson, roused the students into song. Of course at this point all the students were very tired and settled down, going to sleep straight away, well not quite, but overall they were excellent.

The trip was planned to whet the students’ appetite to engage with other outdoor and adventurous experiences in future years, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Club and expeditions.

I would like to thank all the dedicated staff who contributed to the trip by volunteering their time and effort, including Mr Carpenter, Mrs Slater, Mrs Roberts, Miss Cooper-Bland, Miss Ball, Miss Stewart, Miss Harris, Miss Warring, Mr Cota and especially Mr Marner for providing such a wonderful venue. Special thanks must go to our Duke of Edinburgh students who volunteered as part of their award: Danny Wynter, Shannon Atkinson, Ryan Gilmore, Joanne Watson, Liam Bowman, Sean Whale and Paige Heller. Many thanks for making the trip happen.

Mr Alcock
(Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Instructor)

Year 7 Camp