KS3 Learning Club

KS3 Learning Club

The start of a new academic year has seen the return of the KS3 Learning Club and staff have welcomed both Year 7s and Year 8s.

The club is successful in providing help for students for anything from completing and printing homework to developing their spelling. Not only are students rewarded with Vivos for each visit but each student will also be able to earn their own Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards with a treat with each award.

We are also currently running a tutor competition to see which tutor group is the hardest working and attends the most sessions. The winning tutor team will be rewarded at the end of term with prizes galore!

The KS3 Learning Club is run every day from 3:05 in the Intervention Centre and we would love to see some new faces.

Mrs Derby
(KS3 Learning Mentor)