Chinese Art Workshop

Chinese Art Workshop

In our Year 10 art lessons we were lucky enough to have the chance to take part in a Chinese workshop. This really helped our portfolio work as we are currently looking at lettering. It helped us to widen our knowledge of how different cultures use art to communicate. We have been able to write our own names in Chinese calligraphy that we have drawn onto the front of our sketch books.

During the workshop we learnt about Chinese lifestyle and the history behind Chinese calligraphy. This knowledge then helped us to create different characters of Chinese calligraphy using words of our choice.

We used traditional tools and Chinese rice paper to create the calligraphy. We were shown how to hold the tools and paint in the way Chinese people do. We learnt that Chinese people place characters horizontally and they are written right to left.


"I feel lucky to have learnt such a valuable skill."

"I found the Chinese calligraphy interesting and it was enjoyable learning a new technique."

"I found the workshop challenging at first, but as time went on it got easier as I was more familiar with the characters used."

Miss Wilkes
(Art Teacher)