Jeremia's Journey

Sixth Form Students Vote on Which Local Charity to Support

Last week the Sixth Form voted for a local charity to support this year, whilst practising their debating skills!

The students were divided into 5 groups and had to present their given charity to the rest of the class in order to win their vote.

The charities discussed were: RNLI, Shelter Box, St. Luke’s, Children’s Hospice South West and Jeremiah’s Journey.

After much debate and lamentations that they could only choose one, the winning charity was Jeremiah’s Journey.

This is a charity that supports children from Plymouth and the immediate surrounding area. They are put in touch with Jeremiah’s Journey for support when they have experienced or are anticipating the death of someone special.

The support they offer can range from a conversation with each family (as for some this might offer enough reassurance or ideas to help), to home visits and giving advice and guidance to parents and carers.

Now that the Sixth Form have a chosen charity the students and staff can begin to plan some fun events to raise money for this worthwhile cause. We look forward to collecting your money!

Miss Gent
(Sixth Form tutor)