Dartmoor Challenge

Year 7 & 8 MAT Dartmoor Challenge

The MAT cohorts in Year 7 and Year 8 were invited to take part in a series of challenges in our Dartmoor Challenge MAT event either side of the half term in order to help build their resilience as it has been noticed by staff that they ‘give up’ when facing difficult tasks. Before this though, they completed an after school navigational skills session with Mr Alcock and Miss Symons on site so that they could successfully follow a map without adult supervision. They were given maps of the woods and planned routes for each other so that they could assess how well their partner stuck to their route.

On Friday 27th May the Year 8s took part in the Dartmoor Challenge, just near Cox Tor, whereas the Year 7s had their challenge on Monday 6th June. The afternoon comprised of three separate challenge tasks that they had to complete in teams in three different locations, each about a kilometre apart. These tasks were essentially testing their problem solving skills and I witnessed first-hand just how much their resilience skills were tested, both on a social level within teams and mentally.

Both cohorts will be challenged further on their overnight camping trips this term and we will follow these up with a session to reflect on how resilient they are during the tasks, how they can persevere in the future and how they can transfer this into the classroom.

Miss Davenport
(Spanish Teacher)