Talent Inspiration Programme

Talent Inspiration Programme

Each year the Youth Sport Trust asks schools around the UK to nominate a student to win a place on the Talent Inspiration Programme. The Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP) offers the opportunity of a lifetime to a select group of outstanding young athletes and team managers. These are the very best athletes who consistently demonstrate outstanding qualities on and off the field. Practical and theory sessions are delivered by ex-olympic athletes or international players and experienced team managers; making the experience very exciting and unique. Only 300 young people from the entire country are selected to attend the event as a whole, only 3 of whom from each region make it on to the TIP.

This year I chose to nominate Courtney.

Both myself and Courtney’s taekwondo coach have seen Courtney develop into a mature, hardworking individual. When she was younger, she was very shy and wasn’t fond of engaging in activities that made her the centre of attention. Since starting taekwondo she has become a valuable member of her team and the College and many of the younger athletes in her team and younger students at the College look up to her.

Courtney’s coach, David from South Hams Taekwondo Club said:

"Over the past few years Courtney has competed in and won many national competitions, her best achievement to date was winning the 2015 national championships in the -55 kg junior female novice category. This is a huge achievement especially as in the semi-final she was behind in the scoring right up until the last few seconds. In the early days of her taekwondo career she may have settled with losing that match but her grit and determination saw her come back to take the bout by the narrowest of margins. She then absolutely dominated the final match."

This proves how resilient and tenacious Courtney’s attitude is when it comes to winning! She has also always put 100% effort into her PE lessons at the College. I really wanted to find a way to recognise everything she has achieved. Last night I was delighted to receive this email from the Youth Sport Trust:

"We are pleased to inform you that Courtney has been selected to take part in the Talent Inspiration Programme from Wednesday 31 August – Friday 2 September 2016 at Loughborough University."

This opportunity will be one, that will not only develop her sporting ability and athletic mind set, but will also build her confidence and skills forever.

Well done Courtney, we are so proud of you!

Mrs Skelton
(CL for PE)