Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Science continued to incorporate OAA in to their lessons this week by conducting an experiment involving human pendulums. This time, is was the Year 7’s turn from Miss Harris’ group to be suspended in a harness from a tree branch and hoisted up by their classmates. The group had to measure the angle at which their fellow classmate were elevated to and then once they had been let go, time how long it took them to perform 3 swings. The data that has been recorded, will be used to compare with further experiments.

In the same week, science used outdoor education within a 6th Form lesson as part of their level 3 assessment. They had to complete a risk assessment of an activity and then complete the activity. In this case it was abseiling at the Dewerstone. Using OAA within lessons gives a more hands on approach and emphasises that not all scientists just wear white coats in a lab.

Everyone seemed a little nervous walking to the beginning of the abseil, however they gave it a good go and after lunch there was time for another go. This time around everyone seemed far more confident!

Miss Symons
(Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Apprentice)