STEM in the woods

STEM in the Woods

Students in 9J2 got to investigate the science of pendulums this week, by acting as the pendulum themselves!

Mr Alcock and Miss Symons set up a series of rope swings in Whitleigh woods to help 9J2 physics students understand what affects the swing of a pendulum. Volunteers (including Miss Fowell and Mr Waite) were suspended in a harness from a tree branch and hoisted up to different angles by their fellow classmates. Once the students had reached the desired angle, they were released and timed to see how long it took to complete 3 swings.

The data collected will be compared with results from experiments in the science lab, to see how accurate the human pendulum investigation was. Students enjoyed the hands on approach to physics and were grateful to Mr Alcock and Miss Symons for making the activity possible.

Mr Waite
(ACL for Science)