Leadership and recognition

Leadership and Recognition

On Wednesday 22nd March Lauren and Alisha attended the city-wide leadership awards and recognition day at the University of Plymouth. They were there in recognition of all their hard work as silver ambassadors both at Sir John Hunt and in the wider PSSP community. They were able to take part in leadership workshops and reward activities such as the Plymouth marine simulator and inflatable sumo game! They also got to meet Anthony James, part of the GB swimming team, who took part in the London 2012 games. As part of the day there was a leadership award ceremony and I chose to nominate Lauren for individual sports leader. It was a toughly fought competition but Lauren, the youngest nominee won the special commendation award. It was an incredibly proud moment for myself and Mrs Skelton. Please see below for my nomination, I think you too will be amazed at the amount Lauren does above and beyond her timetabled College day!

I have come to rely on Lauren as an extension of myself! She is integral to the smooth running of our after school clubs including netball, girls football, table tennis and badminton. Netball is her passion and she has just started playing for UCP Marjon Kites. This has given her extra ideas for drills and warm ups, which she hasn’t hesitated in to putting in to practice at the netball club. She is organised and everything she does is well thought out, with her activities differentiated for all abilities. She is a silver ambassador and is a perfect example of what effective student leadership looks like. From an early age Lauren has expressed her interest in student leadership and has stood out from her peers as someone who will happily give up her own time in order to help others. I can give Lauren any job, any responsibility and I know, without question it will be done to the best standard.

She is currently running our school games organising committee along with Alisha. She has completed numerous NGB awards including her tennis leaders, which she put in to practice when the leadership academy umpired and helped run the citywide level 2 primary tennis event. She also led her peers at the Devon Ability Games training and event. Lauren attended both the Year 1 and 2 multi skills events at the College, with one parent saying, "PE teachers are getting younger and younger, when did she start working here?" This feedback is not isolated, wherever Lauren has led a session both primary and secondary, staff and students cannot stop singing her praises. Lauren is currently studying GCSE PE and as part of the course her ability to teach has come to the fore. She has, without prompting led sessions on netball and trampolining, giving expert teaching points and encouragement to those who most need it. She brings the best out of the group with her constant positivity, hard work and perseverance. She is now signed up for her Duke Of Edinburgh award and has put one of her skills as leadership. I have already been able to sign this off for her bronze award. Around the College she is a role model for younger students with perfect uniform, excellent attendance and a work ethic second to none. If Lauren wants something she will work and work to make it happen, a resilience so often missing in students. Her fabulous sense of humour only adds to her ability to lead and makes her a pleasure to be around. If I could, I would have her in every one of my lessons! I often have to remind myself that she is only 13 years old. I cannot wait to see how she develops her already outstanding leadership qualities in the years to come.

The girls had a fabulous day and are looking forward to putting what they have learnt in to practice.

Miss L Warring
(ACL for PE)