Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Climbing club was fun on Thursday at the Life Centre wall. The students started off in the bouldering cave and after a brief warm up they all attempted to climb the hardest things they could find!

We had a competition to see who could climb the hardest wall with Jack and Travis getting top marks for swinging around on steep walls! Jack then managed to climb to the top of the 16m wall, a very good effort. Climbing club continues every Thursday 3:05 – 5:45pm.

The bike maintenance club will see helpers from BikeSpace and Sustrans this week and everyone will be able to learn how to change and adjust break pads, chains, tyres, gear cables, etc. The ultimate aim being that students can then ride the bikes into school that they have fixed, reducing the traffic on our local roads. Bike maintenance continues every Wednesday after school 3:05 – 4:30pm.

Intervention students had a great time in the woods braving the zip line and helping each other overcome the fear of it. From no-one wanting to do it at first, to everyone having multiple goes and whooping their way down, they all did well. It was followed by a shelter building task, boys vs girls. The result was a draw, the boys focussing on structure, the girls on presentation.

Mr Alcock
(Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Instructor)