6th form visit the Minack Theatre

Much Ado at the Minack!

Last Thursday, Sixth Form Theatre Club went to the Minack Theatre at Porthcurno to see Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ – a play of comic and dramatic suspense, featuring the bantering Beatrice and Benedick; two of Shakespeare’s wittiest, most endearing lovers.

The open air theatre, set in the cliffs not far from Penzance, was a perfect spot to experience a play in the traditional Shakespearian format; no lighting or scenery but just the actors and a few props! The weather was a concern (especially after driving through showery rain on the way!) but we were lucky and managed to avoid the clouds! The scenery provided by the Cornish coastline and Atlantic Ocean was stunning and we were even treated to a fly-past by a Royal Navy helicopter!

Miss Pedrick
(KS5 Curriculum Co-ordinator for English)